Industry Agri-Food Plants

Valfor has been operating for more than 40 years in the agro-food sector, designing machinery and equipment for the production of tomato puree, canned fruit, processed vegetables, processed fish, pasta and condiments. Researching mechanical solutions able to cater to each specific requirement, the company develops high-tech projects and proposes its own line of products that are highly appreciated by customers all over Europe: sanitary pneumatic valves, sterile pneumatic valves, rotary drum screen filters.

Macchinari per l'industria alimentare

Food Industry

VALFOR Srl designs, develops and manufactures machinery for the food industry. Through constant research and study of the particular requirements of its specific...

Macchinari per l'industria conserviera

Canning and preserving industry

For more than thirty years, we have dedicated our business activities to the food industry, with particular attention to the canning and preserving industry, designing and developing machinery...

Filtri sgrigliatori a tamburo rotante

Rotating Drum Screens and Filters

The machinery, stainless steel made in her structural parts, is a machine suitable for the separation, filtration and purification of industrial waters removing sewage and industrial process...

Macchinari trasformazione del pomodoro

Tomato processing machinery

Valfor has been designing and constructing tomato processing machines since 1978, focussing on agro-food sector industries. The company, located at Fornovo di Taro in the Province of Parma...

Impianti per trasformare la frutta

Fruit processing plants

Valfor is a leading European company in the design and construction of mechanical and automated fruit processing machinery and equipment. From 1978 onwards, the reliability of its machines...


Experience and Competence

VALFOR represent an efficient and reliable partner in the agri-food sector industries, guaranteeing certified, safe and highly technological plants for process and preservation of food products.

Completely autonomus and structured on every aspects leading to plants and machineries production, from planning to after sales management, Valfor has a consolidated ecperience through different industry fields like:

  • Tomato puree
  • Fruit preserves
  • Vegetables processing
  • Fish preserves
  • Pasta and seasonings

Photo Gallery

Take a look of our Photo Gallery through our agri-food plants we planned and realized: Tomatoes and Fruit machineries, equipments for pasta manufacturing plants and bakeries, food processing machineries aimed to food and preserves industry.

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