Machinery and equipment for the food industry

VALFOR Srl designs, develops and manufactures machinery for the food industry. Through constant research and study of the particular requirements of its specific sector of business, the Parma-based company is able to manage high-tech, efficient and high performing projects. The design and construction of systems for the processing and treatment of both raw and cooked food are attentively monitored by company engineers, assisted by qualified technicians.

Food product treatment and processing plants

The machinery proposed can be used to carry out all food product preparation, cooking and chilling processes and incorporates all the design and technological expertise and experience of our company, selected as reference partner by many leading food sector companies that supply mainly supermarkets, food shops and the large-scale retailing sector.

We have been constructing machinery and equipment for the processing of different types of food since 1978, developing a broad range of electric, gas or steam machines. All our machinery is assembled according to the requirements of HACCP standards for food products, using materials such as stainless steel with high resistance to wear and mechanical stress.

Reliable machinery for the agro-food sector

All our treatment and processing systems are characterised by reliable technology and incorporate our thirty years’ experience in this sector. We have gained a firm position in the agro-food sector, designing and manufacturing products such as sanitary pneumatic valves, sterile pneumatic valves and rotary drum screen filters.