Rotating drum filter FD Series

The machine, built in a very robust way, and with structural elements made up completely of stainless steel, is used for the filtration of suspensions on industrial water or on industrial process liquids.

The heart of the machine consists of a filtering drum, made with a trapezoidal-sectioned bar wound in a spiral with constant pitch, in order to obtain calibrated interstices along the drum surface, with a circumferential course.

On this drum, adequately fed by the flow of the suspension to be treated by means of a suitably shaped spacecraft, the solid particles (biggert than the particles of the interstitial slot) are retained; the fluid thus cleaned, will cross the drum by gravity, and this second step has the purpose of cleaning up the clogged slots, if any.

The rotation of the drum, adjustable in speed , transfers, by adhesion, the particles from the deposition face to the detachment front, the latter realized with a mobile self - adhesive scraper.

A purified fluid collection tank accompanies the machine and allows easy connection to waste or recycling networks.

Choice and Model of the Filter

The particle size of the suspension to be separated and the flow rates to be treated are the basis for the criterion of the selection model: see the explanatory table about this subject; enter the table with the light between the bars and read the the model of the filter on the value of the required flow.


  • Urban wastewater
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Meat processing
  • Fish canning industry
  • Vegetable and fruit canning industry
  • Tomato canning industry
  • Processing of grapes and cellars
  • Feed mill
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Livestock breeding
  • Tanneries